Appendix 3

Appendix 3

Witnesses who appeared before the committee[1]

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 – Canberra

Department of Education

Mr Tony Cook, Associate Secretary, Early Childhood, Schools and Youth
Mr Martin Hehir, Deputy Secretary, Schools and Youth

Thursday, 13 March 2014 – Sydney

Commonwealth Department of Education

Mr Tony Crook, Associate Secretary, Early Childhood, Schools and Youth
Mr Martin Hehir, Deputy Secretary, Schools and Youth

National Catholic Education Commission

Mr Ross Fox, Executive Director
Dr Brian Croke, Executive Director, Catholic Education Commission New South Wales
Mr Stephen Elder, Executive Director, Catholic Education Commission Victoria

Independent Schools Council of Australia

Mr Bill Daniels, Executive Director

Australian Education Union

Mr Angelo Gavrielatos, Federal President
Ms Jenni Devereaux, Federal Research Officer

Independent Education Union of Australia

Mr Richard Shearman, Federal President
Mr Chris Watt, Federal Secretary                                                                

Australian Council of State School Organisations

Mr Peter Garrigan, President
Mrs Judith Bundy, Senior Vice President

Tuesday, 1 April 2014 – Brisbane

Queensland Teachers' Union

Mr Kevin Bates, President, and President, Australian Education Union (Queensland Branch)
Ms Kim Roy, Acting Research Officer

Christian Education Ministries

Dr Terry Harding, General Manager, Schools Department

Queensland Association of State School Principles

Mr Michael Fay, President

Society for the Provision of Education in Rural Australia

Associate Professor Karen Noble, President

Autism Spectrum Australia and Autism Queensland

Dr Trevor Clark, Director, Education and Senior ASD Research Consultant (Aspect)
Ms Penelope Beeston, Chief Executive Officer, Autism Queensland Limited

Individual Teachers and Parents session

Ms Rebecca McGuren, Principal, Darra State School
Mr Andrew Thompson, Principal, Ipswich West Special School
Mr Llewellyn Paulger, Principal, Redbank Plains State High School

Thursday, 3 April 2014 – Melbourne

School for Travelling Show Children

Ms Catherine Fullerton, Executive Teacher and School Board Member

Independent Schools Victoria

Ms Michelle Green, Chief Executive
Mr Nigel Bartlett, Manager, Funding and Accountability
Mr Mathew Ryan, Consulting Economist

Australian Education Union (Victorian Branch)

Ms Meredith Peace, President
Mr Justin Mullaly, Deputy President
Mr Justin Bowd, Research Officer

Australian Council of TESOL Associations

Mr Mark Melican, President Vic TESOL
Ms Mairead Hannan, Treasurer, VicTESOL

Parents Victoria Inc

Ms McHardy, Executive Officer
Ms Leanne McCurdy, Administration Officer

Dr David Zyngier, Private capacity

Individual Teachers and Parents session

Mr David Adamson, Principal, Essendon Keilor College
Mrs Jill Healey, Executive Principal, Flinders Christian Community College'
Ms Karen Money, Principal, William Ruthven Secondary College
Dr James Thyer, Private capacity

Friday, 4 April 2014 – Hobart

Northern Terrritory Department of Education

Mr Ken Davies, Chief Executive

Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission

Mr Greg McNamara, Chairman
Dr Patricia Hindmarsh, Director
Mr John Hills, Head of Corporate Services
Mrs Anne Rybak, Finance Manager

Australian Education Union (Tasmanian Branch)

Mr Terry Polglase, President

Tasmanian Association of State School Organisations

Mrs Jenny Eddington, President

Australian Parents Council

Ms Caz Bosch, President
Mr Ian Dalton, Executive Director

Independent Schools Tasmania

Mr Tony Crehan, Executive Director

Individual Parents and Teachers Session

Ms Rachel Graham-Hilder, Private capacity
Mr Warwick Dean, Principal

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 – Perth

Catholic Education Office of Western Australia

Dr Tim McDonald, Executive Director
Mr Gerry Doyle, Director, Finance Planning and School Resources
Mr Edward Simons, Director, Governance and Administration
Mr Reuben Norris, Team Leader, Resources

State School Teachers' Union of Western Australia

Mr Lincoln Rose, Senior Vice President
Ms Samantha Schofield, Vice President

Australian Secondary Principals' Association

Mr Rob Nairn, Executive Director

Individual Principals, Teachers and Parents

Mr Wayne Bull, Principal, La Salle College
Mr David Cameron, Principal, Quintilian School
Mrs Shelley Hill, Parents and Friends Federation of Western Australia
Mrs Tanya Turner, Private capacity

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 – Adelaide

Novita Children's Services

Mr Glenn Rappensberg, Chief Executive
Ms Julie Astley, Director Operations (Client Services)

Department for Education and Child Development, South Australia

Mr Tony Harrison, Chief Executive
Ms Julieann Riedstra, Deputy Chief Executive, Resources
Mr Ben Temperly, Executive Director, Office for Strategy and Performance
Mr Chris Bernardi, Chief Financial Officer
Mr Mark Witham, Director, Research and Evaluation

Association of Independent Schools of South Australia

Mrs Carolyn Grantskalns, Chief Executive
Mr Roger Anderson, Deputy Chief Executive
Dr Bronwyn Donaghey, Senior Policy Adviser

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 – Adelaide

South Australia Branch of the Australian Education Union

Ms Jan Murphy, Vice President
Mr Michael Williss, Research Officer

Thursday, 1 May 2014 – Sydney

Diocese of Broken Bay

Mr Peter Hamill, Director of Schools, Catholic Schools Office

Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

Mr Ray Collins, Director of Schools, Catholic Schools Office

Catholic Education Office Wollongong

Mr Peter Turner, Director of Schools

Mr David Gillespie, Private capacity

New South Wales Teachers Federation

Mr Maurie Mulheron, President

Catholic School Parents Australia

Mr Anthony O'Byrne, Chair
Ms Danielle Cronin, Deputy Chairperson

Mr Chris Bonnor, Private capacity

Children with Disability Australia

Ms Stephanie Gotlib, Executive Officer

Australian Primary Principals Association

Mr Norm Hart, President
Mr Michael Nuttall, Executive Officer

Professor Henry Ergas, Private capacity

Friday, 16 May 2014 – Canberra

Dr Ken Boston AO, Private capacity

Australian Association of Christian Schools

Mr Martin Hanscamp, Executive Officer
Mrs Lynne Doneley, AACS Council Member

Office of Victorian Auditor-General

Mr John Doyle, Victorian Auditor-General
Mr Kristopher Waring, Sector Director

Christian Schools Australia

Mr Stephen O'Doherty, Chief Executive Officer

Department of Education, Tasmania

Mr Colin Pettit, Secretary

Commonwealth Department of Education

Mr Tony Cook, Associate Secretary, Early Childhood, Schools and Youth
Mr Martin Hehir, Deputy Secretary, Schools and Youth

Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority

Mr Robert Randall, Chief Executive Officer

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