Role of the Committee

Standing Order 22 provides that -

  1. A Publications Committee, consisting of 7 senators, shall be appointed at the commencement of each Parliament, with power to act during recess and to confer and sit as a joint committee with a similar committee of the House of Representatives.
  2. All documents presented to the Senate which have not been ordered to be printed by either House of the Parliament shall stand referred to the committee, which shall make recommendations on the printing of documents.
  3. When sitting with a similar committee of the House of Representatives, the committee shall also have power:
    1. to inquire into and report on the printing, publication and distribution of parliamentary and government publications and on such related matters as are referred to it by the relevant minister; and
    2. to send for persons and documents.
  4. The committee shall elect as its chair a member nominated by the Leader of the Government in the Senate.