Recommendation 1

4.138    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth government prioritises strengthening the national integrity framework in order to make it more coherent, comprehensible and accessible.

Recommendation 2

4.140    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth government gives careful consideration to establishing a Commonwealth agency with broad scope and jurisdiction to address integrity and corruption matters.

Recommendation 3

4.145    The committee encourages the Senate to review the question of a national integrity commission following the release of the Open Government Partnership review and the Griffith University and Transparency International Australia et al research, with a view to making a conclusive recommendation based on the evidence available at that time.

Recommendation 4

4.151    The committee recommends that the Parliament considers making available to the Parliamentary Joint Committees on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity and Law Enforcement, as needed, a Parliamentary Counsel or Advisor to assist them in their important roles.

Recommendation 5

4.153    The committee recommends that, if a national integrity agency is established, the Parliament appoints a Parliamentary Integrity Commissioner to provide advice on matters of ethics to senators and members.

Recommendation 6

4.156    The committee recommends that the Senate and the House of Representatives diligently use their Privileges Committees where it is alleged that a senator or member has acted improperly and contrary to parliamentary privilege.

Recommendation 7

4.162    The committee recommends the Commonwealth government considers implementing measures to strengthen the application of the Statement of Ministerial Standards, including measures to improve the identification, investigation and punishment of breaches.

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