Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Submissions received by the committee[1]

1          National Health Performance Authority 

2          Dr Catherine Pye                 

3          Cootharinga North Queensland - Ability First   

4          Mr Cliff Weder                                

5          Mr David Gorell                  

6          HealthChange Australia                 

7          Exercise & Sports Science Australia                               

8          Australian Rural Health Education Network      

9          Palliative Care Australia                

10        Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health                     

11        Australian Dental Association Inc                                   

12        Australasian Podiatry Council                              

13        Cancer Drugs Alliance                               

14        Rural Health Workforce Australia                                   

15        PHHAMAQ                          

16        Family Planning NSW                                

17        College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University   

18        Positive Ageing Taskforce Southern Fleurieu & Kangaroo Island      

19        Alzheimer's Australia         

20        The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists                   

21        The Dental Hygienists' Association of Australia Inc.                            

22        St Vincent de Paul Society National Council of Australia                               

23        NSW Consumer Advisory Group – Mental Health Inc.                        

24        South Australian Government                              

25        Wellspect HealthCare                                

26        Australian Association for Academic Primary Care Inc.                                  

27        Mr Gil Wilson                                  

28        Carers NSW             

29        Grattan Institute                              

30        Rural Doctors Association of Australia              

31        Australian Society of Anaesthetists                                 

32        MS Australia                        

33        Mr Chris Hamill                              

34        Health Care Consumers Association of the ACT Inc                

35        Aged and Community Services Australia                                   

36        General Practice NSW                                

37        The Royal Australasian College of Physicians                          

38        Youth Affairs Council of South Australia           Youth            

39        Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation   Australian                 

40        Name Withheld

41        Social Determinants of Health Advocacy Network                               

42        Benetas                                 

43        Australian Healthcare & Hospitals Association                        

44        Queensland Nurses' Union                        

45        The George Institute for Global Health and the Menzies Centre for Health Policy

46        Health Consumers' Council of WA                                  

47        Allied Health Professions Australia                                 

48        Australian Medical Association                           

49        Confidential 

50        Audiology Australia Ltd                            

51        Speech Pathology Australia                                  

52        National Stroke Foundation                                  

53        Women's Centre for Health Matters                                 

54        Diabetes Australia                          

55        NSW Nurses and Midwives Association  NSW              

56        Australian College of Nursing                              

57        Leading Age Services Australia Ltd                                 

58        Kidney Health Australia                            

59        Dietitians Association of Australia                                  

60        Australian Psychological Society (APS)             

61        Chiropractors' Association of Australia (National) Ltd                        

62        National Disability Services                                 

63        Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia                                   

64        Consumer Reference Group Blue Mountains GP Network                              

65        Dr Jane Barker                                 

66        Name Withheld

67        Australian Council of Social Service                               

68        Australian Capital Territory Government                                   

69        Queensland Government                           

70        Medical Technology Association of Australia                           

71        National Seniors Australia                        

72        St Vincent's Health Australia                                

73        Wakool Indigenous Corporation                          

74        Consumers Health Forum of Australia                            

75        GMiA            

76        Public Health Association of Australia                           

77        Illawarra Public Health Society                            

78        Australian Clinical Trials Alliance                                  

79        Private individual                           

80        Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth)                           

81        Australian Women's Health Network                              

82        AML Alliance (In Liquidation)                             

83        Dr Rachel Mascord                         

84        Australian Health Promotion Association                                  

85        Doctors Reform Society                             

86        National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation                  

87        Australian meals on Wheels (SA)                        

88        National LGBTI Health Alliance                          

89        Australian Catholic University                             

90        Australian Healthcare Reform Alliance                          

91        Dr Ajeet Singh                                 

92        Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia Inc                               

93        Northern Adelaide Medicare Local                                 

94        NPS MEDICINEWISE                                 

95        Heart Foundation                            

96        HSU National                                   

97        Australian Indigenous Doctors' Association Ltd                                   

98        Macular Disease Foundation Australia                           

99        Lowitja Institute                              

100     Medicines Australia                                   

101     Councils on the Ageing Australia                         

102     Pfizer                         

103     Hepatitis Australia                          

104     City of Marion                                 

105     Health Workers Union                               

106     Australian Dental Industry Association                          

107     Elizabeth Dolan, Jennifer Smith, Joahnne Brown, Matthew Brown, Sharon Gavioli, Narelle Kelly, Felicity Latchford, Francesca Leaton, Fiona Lotherington, Lee Poole, Kate Robson and Paula Steffensen                            

108     Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations                

109     Optometry Australia                                   

110     Mr Martyn Goddard                                   

111     Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia Inc.                                

112     TasCOSS                               

113     Rural Doctors Association of Tasmania                          

114     Mental Health Council of Tasmania                                

115     Royal Australian College of General Practitioners                   

116     Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

117     Association of Nursing Recruitment Agencies

118     Mental Health Professionals Network Ltd

119     AIDS Council of NSW

120     Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Aboriginal Corporation

121     Dr Colin Hughes, Midland Family Practice

122     Charlestown Square Medical Centre

123     Hunter General Practitioners Association

124     National Shelter

125     National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Association

126     Indigenous Allied Health Australia

127     Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO)

128     Professor Andrew Bonney, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Wollongong

129     Dr Graeme Alexander, Claremont Village Medical Centre

130     Dr Colin Pearce, Charlestown Square Medical Centre

131     Dr Richard Terry, Whitebridge Medical Centre

132     Australasian College for Emergency Medicine   Australasian

133     Dr Ian Kamerman

134     Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the Northern Territory (AMSANT)

135     National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership in Mental Health (NATSILMH)

136     Dr Mike Moynihan

137     Dr Mark Lock

138     Lung Foundation Australia

139     Name Withheld

140     Name Withheld

141     Ms Judith Maher, Health Consumers NSW

142     Dr Lesley Russell

143     Nepean Division of General Practice

144     Red Dust Role Models Ltd

145     Dr Rajkumar Ramasamy

146     Gidgee Healings

147     Aboriginal Medical Service Western Sydney

148     Northern Territory Government

149     Dr Steve Flecknoe-Brown

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