Public hearings and transcripts

Inquiry into a National Mining Tax

Public hearings and transcripts

Date Location Programs Transcripts

8 November 2010

Perth, WA

(HTML format) (PDF 18KB) (PDF 702KB)
19 November 2010 Melbourne, VIC (HTML format) (PDF 21KB) (PDF 307KB)
22 November 2010 Canberra, ACT (HTML format) (PDF 19KB) (PDF 278KB)
8 December 2010 Melbourne, VIC (HTML format) (PDF 19KB) (PDF 331KB)
9 December 2010 Canberra, ACT (HTML format) (PDF 49KB) (PDF 104KB)
13 December 2010 Sydney, NSW (HTML format) (PDF 17KB) (PDF 199KB)
30 March 2011 Melbourne, VIC (HTML format) (PDF 87KB) (PDF 417KB)

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