Submissions received by the Committee

Select Committee on the Reform of the Australian Federation

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Mr Andrew Oliver (PDF 152KB) 
2Regional Development Australia Peel Inc (PDF 587KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 273KB) 
3Mr Don Auchterlonie (PDF 12KB) 
4Regional Development Australia Barwon South West Committee (PDF 5164KB) 
5Naracoorte Lucindale Council (PDF 17KB) 
6Mr Terence Holmes (PDF 36KB) 
7Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law and UNSW Faculty of Law (PDF 206KB) 
8FamilyVoice Australia (PDF 88KB) 
9Rethink Australia (PDF 140KB) 
10Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry  (PDF 114KB) 
11Glenelg Hopkins CMA (PDF 432KB) 
12Northern Territory Statehood Steering Committee (PDF 106KB) 
13Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett Inc. (PDF 879KB) 
14Pearce Division Liberal Party of Australia (PDF 133KB) 
15Regional Development Australia Sunshine Coast (PDF 410KB) 
16Dr Gabriel Donleavy (PDF 25KB) 
17Dr Augusto Zimmermann and Mrs Lorraine Finlay (PDF 454KB) 
18Miss Fiona Smith (PDF 11KB) 
19Regional Development Australia (RDA) Brisbane Inc (PDF 173KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 156KB) 
20Mr Bryan Pape (PDF 206KB) Attachment 1(PDF 732KB) Attachment 2(PDF 190KB) 
21Deakin University (PDF 803KB) 
22Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 135KB) 
23Mr Doug Holmes (PDF 14KB) 
24Australian Local Government Association (PDF 319KB) 
25Mr Anthony Dowling (PDF 195KB) 
26Regional Development Australia Wheatbelt Inc (PDF 255KB) 
27Australian Monarchist league (PDF 327KB) 
28Mrs Alison Walpole (PDF 1077KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 869KB) 
29National NRM Regions' Working Group (PDF 95KB) Attachment 1(PDF 718KB) 
30NSW Business Chamber (PDF 844KB) 
31Local Government Association of SA (PDF 21KB) Attachment 1(PDF 365KB) 
32Dr Anne Twomey (PDF 152KB) 
33WA Local Government Association (PDF 42KB) 
34Law Council of Australia (PDF 137KB) 
35City of Mandurah  (PDF 186KB) 
36Gold Coast City Council (PDF 478KB) 
37Council for the National Interest WA Committee (PDF 295KB) 
38Council for the Australian Federation (CAF) (PDF 57KB) Attachment 1(PDF 25KB) Attachment 2(PDF 3105KB) Attachment 3(PDF 912KB) Attachment 4(PDF 754KB) Attachment 5(PDF 94KB) 
39NSW Government (PDF 429KB) Attachment 1(PDF 207KB) 
40Tasmanian Government  (PDF 294KB) 
41Dr A J Brown, Griffith University (PDF 151KB) Attachment 1(PDF 773KB) Attachment 2(PDF 153KB) Attachment 3(PDF 142KB) Attachment 4(PDF 140KB) Attachment 5(PDF 239KB) Attachment 6(PDF 174KB) Attachment 7(PDF 2110KB) Attachment 8(PDF 119KB) Attachment 11(PDF 1551KB) Attachment 12(PDF 331KB) Attachment 13(PDF 664KB) Attachment 14(PDF 484KB) 
42Ms Robyn Tan (PDF 156KB) 
43Mr Anthony Hassell, Pearce Divison of Liberal Party (PDF 508KB) 
44The Hon. Christian Porter MLA, Western Australia Government (PDF 5336KB) 
45Dr Chrissy Sharp (PDF 191KB) 
46Professor Brian Galligan (PDF 81KB) 
47Professor John Uhr (PDF 32KB) 
48Mr James McDonald (PDF 121KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Andrew Murray: Review of "Operation Sunlight" on Budget Transparency(PDF 586KB) 
2Official Commonwealth Govt response to "Operation Sunlight" report(PDF 91KB) 
3Andrew Murray: Response to Government's September 2009 Electoral Reform Green Paper,Strengthening Australia's Democracy(PDF 331KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1COAG ReformCouncil response about Cities Reference(PDF 89KB) 
2NSW Business Chamber - Date of Publication of data(PDF 41KB) 
3WALGA Promotional Campaigns(PDF 30KB) 
4Prime Minister and Cabinet - COAG Protocols and BER Costs(PDF 1176KB) 

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