A national approach to mental health – from crisis to community First Report

A national approach to mental health – from crisis to community
First Report

30 March 2006

© Commonwealth of Australia 2006
ISBN 0 642 71636 6

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Committee membership (PDF 161KB)
Acronyms (PDF 129KB)
Foreword to the Senate Select Committee on Mental Health's First Report (PDF 89KB)
Chapter 1 - The challenge of mental health (PDF 195KB)
Terms of Reference
Conduct of the inquiry
An inquiry in a time of rapid change
The committee's approach to this report
Chapter 2 - Mental health - The case for change (PDF 195KB)
Issues central to the inquiry
Recent initiatives around the country
Chapter 3 - Mental health and human rights (PDF 237KB)
Consumers' rights
Chapter 4 - Resourcing (PDF 298KB)
The Costs of Mental Illness
Not enough is spent on mental health
Inappropriate targeting of spending on mental health
What more is needed?
Chapter 5 - Addressing the diversity of mental illness and treaments (PDF 320KB)
Diversity of Mental Illness
The diversity of need
Diversity of treatments
Chapter 6 - Access to mental health services (PDF 299KB)
Workforce issues
Initiatives that can improve access to better mental health care
What is the best model for increasing access to cost-supported psychologists?
Concluding remarks
Chapter 7 - Promotion, prevention and early intervention (PDF 290KB)
Setting the context of prevention, promotion and early intervention in mental health care
Promoting a healthier attitude to mental illness in the community
Minimising the impact of mental illness through prevention and early intervention
Delivering promotion, prevention and early intervention programs to the community
The challenges of delivering promotion, prevention and early intervention programs
Concluding remarks
Chapter 8 - Inpatient and crisis services (PDF 307KB)
Mental health care in an age of deinstitutionalisation
Inpatient services
Emergency departments
Discharge processes
Crisis services
Contrasting experiences
Concluding remarks
Chapter 9 - Mental health services in the community (PDF 252KB)
What are community mental health services?
Inadequate funding
Areas of need - a continuum of care
Coordination of services
The NGO sector
Maintaining the focus on community care: the Italian experience
Concluding remarks
Chapter 10 - Support services for people facing mental health problems (PDF 307KB)
Accessing mainstream services
Employment and training
Income support
Community involvement
Concluding remarks
Chapter 11 - Families and carers (PDF 259KB)
Supporting the roles of families and carers
Pressures on the family and the impact on mental health
Concluding remarks
Chapter 12 - Paying for mental health care (PDF 295KB)
Private health insurance in Australia
Mental health service entitlements within private health insurance
Concluding remarks
Chapter 13 - Mental health and the criminal justice system (PDF 301KB)
Over-representation of people with mental illness in the criminal justice system
Access to the legal system
Role of the Police
Management and treatment of people with a mental disorder in the criminal justice system
Release policies and practices
Dual diagnosis
Mental illness and the criminal justice system: the role of the Commonwealth
Chapter 14 - Dual diagnosis 'The expectation not the exception' (PDF 348KB)
'Peter's' story: from submission
The nature of the problem
The extent of the dual diagnosis problem
Service delivery response—'service silos'
Service integration—the state of play
The building blocks of service integration—'top-down'
Capacity building in the community
Leading by example —funding existing strengths
Concluding remarks
Chapter 15 - Services for children and youth, older people and cald communities (PDF 312KB)
Children and youth
Older people with mental illness
CALD communities and refugees
Chapter 16 - Services for rural, remote and indigenous Australians (PDF 282KB)
Rural and remote services
Indigenous Australians
Chapter 17 - Recommendations (PDF 200KB)
Seeking CoAG agreement on more community care
Developing mental health strategies
Advocacy, monitoring and research
Other joint government initiatives
Recommendations for specific governments
Appendix 1 - Definitions of mental health and mental illness (PDF 188KB)
Mental health
Mental illness
Appendix 2 - Mental health expenditure (PDF 207KB)
Government spending
Appendix 3 - Report of mental health services observed in Trieste, Italy - January 2006 (PDF 150KB)
A brief history
Community-based mental health services, Trieste style
National Government initiatives in mental health
Appendix 4 - Submissions, responses to adverse comment and answers to questions on notice (PDF 219KB)
Responses to adverse comment
Additional information received with answers to questions on notice
Appendix 5 - Witnesses who appeared before the committee at public hearings (PDF 160KB)
Appendix 6 - Additional information authorised for publication by the committee (PDF 106KB)
Appendix 7 - List of tabled documents (PDF 210KB)

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