After ATSIC - Life in the mainstream?

After ATSIC - Life in the mainstream?

8 March 2005

© Commonwealth of Australia 2005
ISBN 0 642 71501 7

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Membership of committee (PDF 15KB) (HTML format)
Summary of recommendations (PDF 15KB) (HTML format)
Acronyms (PDF 11KB) (HTML format)
Preface (PDF 22KB) (HTML format)
Chapter One - Introduction (PDF 44KB) (HTML format)

Background to the inquiry
Overview of Government reforms to the administration of Indigenous affairs
Criticism of government processes
Conduct of the inquiry
Structure of the report
Assistance with the inquiry

Chapter Two - Evolution of ATSIC (PDF 164KB) (HTML format)

Overview of ATSIC
ATSIC history and development
Reviews of Indigenous affairs
ATSIC's performance

Chapter Three - The effects of the ATSIC Amendment Bill (PDF 51KB) (HTML format)

Transfer of ATSIC assets and intellectual property
Changes to the Office of Evaluation and Audit
Changes affecting the Indigenous Land Corporation and Indigenous Business Australia
Implications for Native Title Representative Bodies
Consulting with Indigenous Australians

Chapter Four - Representation (PDF 67KB) (HTML format)

The Government's proposed reforms
National representation
Indigenous representation and the role of government
Regional representation
The National Indigenous Council
Representation of Torres Strait Islanders

Chapter Five - Mainstreaming of service delivery (PDF 117KB) (HTML format)

Old problems – the need for a new approach
'New' mainstreaming
Government policy for the new administrative arrangements
Rationale for mainstreaming
Issues with mainstreaming
Conclusion and recommendation

Australian Democrats supplementary comments (PDF 32KB) (HTML format)
Australian Greens – additional comments (PDF 21KB) (HTML format)
Minority report by Government Members (PDF 29KB) (HTML format)
Appendix One - Submissions Received (PDF 26KB) (HTML format)
Appendix Two - Witnesses who have appeared before the Committee at public hearings (PDF 31KB) (HTML format)
Appendix Three - Tabled Documents (PDF 14KB) (HTML format)

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