Fourth Interim Report: Select Committee on the National Broadband Network

Fourth Interim Report: Select Committee on the National Broadband Network

18 May 2010

© Commonwealth of Australia 2010
ISBN 978-1-74229-296-0

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Members of the committee (PDF 39KB)
Abbreviations (PDF 22KB)
Glossary (PDF 34KB)
Recommendations (PDF 64KB)
Chapter One (PDF 48KB)

Context of the inquiry
Conduct of the inquiry
Structure of this report
A note on references

Chapter Two - The Implementation Study (PDF 138KB)

Background to the Implementation Study
The Implementation Study does not justify the NBN progressing
Relevance of Implementation Study compromised
Failure to release the Implementation Study
Release of the Implementation Study
Analysis of the Implementation Study
  Government's media response to the Implementation Study
  Costs of roll-out and the likelihood of take-up
  Services to the final 10 per cent
  Roll-out timetable: prospect of delay and cost implications
  Commercial viability
Further work of the committee

Chapter Three - Progress on the Mainland (PDF 88KB)

Five mainland 'first release sites'
Regional Backbone Blackspots Program

Chapter Four - Product offering and network architecture (PDF 439KB)

The absence of critical information
NBN Co's decisions on network architecture
Commentary on NBN Co's network architecture
  Layer 2 service
  Location of Points of Interconnect
  Aerial versus underground deployment
  Consultation with consumers
Commentary on unresolved matters of network architecture
  Telstra's assets, customer migration, and the matter of compensation
  Services to regional and remote Australia
  End-user pricing
  Lifeline telephony service

Chapter Five - The exposure drafts: NBN Co Bill (PDF 113KB)

NBN Co Bill
  General outline
  Wholesale only services
  Cessation of majority Commonwealth ownership
  Private ownership and control
  Matters not currently addressed in the Bill

Chapter Six - The exposure drafts: Access Bill (PDF 53KB)

Access Bill
  General outline
  Scope of the Access Bill
  Equivalence provisions
  Future of the Universal Service Obligation

Chapter Seven - NBN Co: business progress (PDF 109KB)

NBN Co summary of business progress
Committee's key areas of concern
Commercial viability of NBN Co
Workforce training, accreditation and certification
Appointment process for senior NBN Co positions

Chapter Eight - Progress in Tasmania (PDF 61KB)

Ad hoc Government statements of progress
Update from NBN Co on progress
Update from Retail Service Providers on progress
Need for more information to end-users

Chapter Nine - Progress on wireless and satellite (PDF 59KB)

Evidence received
  Lack of available information
  Update from NBN Co on progress
  Commentary from the Implementation Study
Committee view

Chapter Ten - Related legislative developments (PDF 36KB)

Telecommunications Competition and Consumer Safeguards Bill
Fibre in greenfields policy

Minority Report – Government Senators (PDF 18KB)
Additional Comments – Australian Greens (PDF 24KB)
Appendix 1 - Terms of Reference (PDF 20KB)
Appendix 2 - Public hearings (PDF 12KB)
Appendix 3 - Submissions received (PDF 21KB)
Appendix 4 - Additional materials (PDF 11KB)

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