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Submissions received by the Committee

Submissions may be re-ordered by clicking on a column header. They may also be grouped by Organisation/Individual, State/Territory.

1Northern Territory Government (PDF 289 KB) 
2Dr David Brewster and Dr Frédéric Grare (PDF 263 KB) 
3National Security College, ANU (PDF 383 KB) 
4Dr Romain Fathi (PDF 239 KB) 
5Australian Institute of Marine Science (PDF 204 KB) 
6Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations (PDF 122 KB) 
7Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation (AFRAN) (PDF 158 KB) 
8University of Wollongong (PDF 295 KB) 
9Australian Academy of Science (PDF 182 KB) 
10Naval Group (PDF 268 KB) 
11Mr Robert Heron (PDF 81 KB) 
12Mr Benjamin Cronshaw (PDF 99 KB) 
13Mr Pourus Bharucha (PDF 132 KB) 
14Department of Defence (PDF 281 KB) 
15University of Adelaide (PDF 99 KB) 
16Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (PDF 415 KB) 
17South Australian Government (PDF 107 KB) 

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