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Senator John Hogg, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee, drew attention to the decision of the Senate today to refer the above inquiry to the Committee. The terms of reference are set out on the reverse of this media release.

‘The first part of the inquiry will focus on the disposal of the Fremantle Artillery Barracks, which houses the Army Museum of Western Australia, said Senator Hogg. ‘The second part will focus more broadly on the disposal of Defence properties throughout Australia. In particular, the Committee will examine the criteria and processes used by Defence to dispose of surplus properties and sale and lease-back arrangements.’

Senator Hogg said that ‘there is growing concern about the disposal of Defence properties and the use to which those properties are put after they are sold. The inquiry will give the public an opportunity to comment on the disposal process and provide more transparency to that process.’

It is expected that the Committee will report separately on each of the two parts of the inquiry.

Senator Hogg said that the Committee will be advertising the inquiry in the press to call for written submissions to be lodged with the Committee’s secretariat at Parliament House, Canberra.

Interim Report


For further information:

Senator John Hogg (Chairman) ph. 02-6277 3545 fax 02-6277 3578


Mr Paul Barsdell (Secretary) ph. 02-6277 3535 fax 02-62775818


5 September 2000