Submissions received by the Committee

Inquiry into the Water Amendment (Save the Goulburn and Murray Rivers) Bill 2008

Submissions received by the Committee

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Sub No.  
1 Mr Bill Wells (PDF 799KB)
2 Mr David T Bath (PDF 82KB)
3 Ms Lyn Barnes (PDF 8KB)
4 Mr Stephen and Mrs Mary Cannon (PDF 6KB)
5 Acheron Valley Watch Inc (PDF 60KB)
6 Ms Mary J Chandler (PDF 277KB)
7 Mrs Jan Beer (PDF 182KB); Attachment - Stream Flow Figures (Excel 31KB)
8 Dr Malcolm Calder (PDF 5KB); Attachment 1 - Referral No. 2008/3960 Sugarloaf Interconnector Pipeline (PDF 24KB);
Attachment 2 - Sugarloaf Interconnector Pipeline Project, Advisory Committee Hearings, Chateau Yering (PDF 21KB);
Attachment 3 - Letter to Shire of Yarra Ranges re Food Bowl Modernisation Project (PDF 20KB); Attachment 4 -
Sugarloaf Interconnector: an irresponsible and misguided policy on water (PDF 11KB);
9 Mr Martin Southwood (PDF 5KB)
10 Mr Tom Reynolds (PDF 6KB)
11 Mr Thomas Goode (PDF 12KB)
12 Mr John V Whyte (PDF 13KB)
13 Ms Maria Riedl (PDF 111KB)
14 Mr Edwin Adamson (PDF 159KB)
15 Mr Peter Murray (PDF 273KB)
16 Ms Ellen Hogan (PDF 145KB); Attachment 1 - Goulburn Campaspe Loddon Environmental Flow Delivery Constraints
Study - Final Report (PDF 1937KB)
17 Warby Range Landcare & Rabbit Control Group (PDF 34KB)
18 Ms Christiane Jaeger (PDF 16KB)
19 Dr Diane Bell (PDF 57KB)
20 Healesville Environment Watch Inc (PDF 68KB)
21 Alexandrina Council (PDF 17KB)
22 Councillor Judi Harris (PDF 27KB)
23 Mr Craig Ingram MLA (PDF 450KB); Attachment 1 - Heads of Agreement: The Agreed Outcome from the Snowy
Water Inquiry (PDF 40KB); Attachment 2 - Snowy Water Licence (PDF 391KB)
24 Ms Anne Reynolds (PDF 12KB)
25 Meningie Narrung Lakes Irrigators Association (PDF 67KB)
26 Northern Victorian Irrigators Inc (PDF 43KB)
27 Mr David Tipping (PDF 307KB): Attachment (PDF 270KB)
28 Mr Tiff Rayner, Mr Fred Neal and Mr Kevin Dineen, Myrtleford, Victoria (PDF 637KB)
29 Upper Catchment Water Committee of North East Victoria (PDF 33KB); Attachment: Resolutions (PDF 15KB)
30 Plug the Pipe (PDF 2639KB)
31 Mr Tim and Mrs Adele Betts (PDF 14KB); Attachment 1 (PDF 721KB); Attachment 2 (PDF 201KB)
32 The Hon. Karlene Maywald MP, Minister for the River Murray, Minister for Water Security,
Government of South Australia (PDF 939KB)
33 Mr John E Caldecott (PDF 160KB); Attachment 1 - National Water Market-Privatisation of the Murray Darling (PDF 293KB); Attachment 2 - 'Water Must Never be let out of Public Hands' (PDF 189KB)
34 Name Withheld (PDF 19KB)

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