Submissions received

1 Qld Nurses' Union
2 Timber Merchants Association of Victoria
3 Maritime Union of Australia
4 Master Builders Australia
5 Department of Employment
6 Master Plumbers’ and Mechanical Services Association of Australia
7 Australian Industry Group
8 The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
9 Australian Council of Trade Unions
10 Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
11 The Fair Work Commission
12 Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
13 Unions NSW
14 Australian Public Transport Industrial Association
15 Australian Community Services Employers Association
16 Finance Sector Union of Australia
17 Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce
18 Timber Trade Industrial Association
19 Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union
20 National Union of Workers

Answers to questions on notice

1 Answer to question on notice received from the Department of Employment on 28 November, 2013.

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