Submissions received by the Committee

The conditions of employment of state public sector employees and the adequacy of protection of their rights at work as compared with other employees

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1 Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) (PDF 252KB) 
2 Confidential
3 Dr Patricia Fagan (PDF 129KB) 
4 Ms Jennifer Anne Cole (PDF 27KB) 
5 Australian Workers' Union of Employees (Queensland Branch) (PDF 3132KB) 
6 New South Wales Nurses and Midwives' Association (PDF 4680KB) 
7 Public Service Association of SA Inc. (PDF 1662KB) 
8 CPSU (PDF 832KB) 
9 Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) (PDF 678KB) Additional Information 1(PDF 1189KB) 
10 Public Service Commission (Qld) (PDF 586KB) Attachment 1(PDF 416KB) 
11 Queensland Nurses' Union (PDF 730KB) 
12 Police Federation of Australia (PDF 146KB) 
13 United Firefighters' Union of Australia, Union of Employees Queensland (PDF 422KB) 
14 Mr Giuseppe Carabetta (PDF 158KB) 
15 Mr Tony Collins (PDF 194KB) 
16 Mr Robert Balsillie (PDF 83KB) 
17 Dr Geoffrey Edwards (PDF 254KB) 
18 Ms Maria Rosenfelder (PDF 126KB) 
19 Australian Education Union (PDF 120KB) 
20 Mr Lucio Matarazzo (PDF 77KB) 
21 Public Service Association of NSW (PDF 816KB) 
22 Together, Industrial Union of Employees (PDF 2686KB) 
221 Supplementary Submission(PDF 790KB) 
222 Supplementary Submission(PDF 170KB) 
23 Queensland Council of Unions (PDF 631KB) 
24 Ms Amanda Ross (PDF 219KB) 
25 Victorian Government, Department of Treasury and Finance (PDF 140KB) 
26 Unions NSW (PDF 627KB) 
27 Australian Nursing Federation (PDF 670KB) 
28 Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) (PDF 715KB) 
29 Ms Jennifer Trueman (PDF 77KB) 
30 Mr Wayne Green (PDF 477KB) 
31 Ms Alana Krzemien (PDF 224KB) 
32 Mrs Kimberley Kennedy (PDF 114KB) 
33 Mr Peter Johnstone (PDF 216KB) 
34 Ms Sarah Walker (PDF 252KB) 
35 Ms Rose Spencer (PDF 3592KB) 
36 United Voice QLD (PDF 5074KB) 
37 Mr Andrew Young (PDF 70KB) 
38 Ms Elizabeth Ayling (PDF 203KB) 
39 Mr Michael Nolan (PDF 415KB) 

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