Submissions received by the Committee

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment (Fair Protection for Firefighters) Bill 2011

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Mr Alex Forrest (PDF 76KB) Attachment 1(PDF 167KB) Attachment 2(PDF 8426KB) Attachment 3(PDF 11650KB) Attachment 4(PDF 290KB) Attachment 5(PDF 305KB) Attachment 6(PDF 10KB) Attachment 7(PDF 7004KB) Attachment 8(PDF 455KB) Attachment 9(PDF 521KB) Attachment 10(PDF 1741KB) 
2Mr Mick Busst (PDF 134KB) 
3Mr Phillip Wigg (PDF 159KB) 
4Mr Paul Henderson (PDF 202KB) 
5Mr Frank Besanko (PDF 206KB) 
6Mr Guy McCrorie (PDF 190KB) 
7Mr Scott Morrison (PDF 304KB) 
8Mr Ross Lindley (PDF 197KB) 
9Mr Philip Brown (PDF 158KB) 
10Mrs Karen Lindley (PDF 72KB) 
11Fire Brigade Employees' Union and United Voice, Northern Territory Branch (PDF 167KB) Attachment 1(PDF 257KB) Attachment 2(PDF 364KB) Attachment 3(PDF 142KB) Attachment 4(PDF 49KB) 
12WorkSafe Victoria (PDF 652KB) 
13Mr Michael Smith AFSM (PDF 31KB) Attachment 1(PDF 206KB) 
14Slater and Gordon (PDF 113KB) 
15Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 154KB) 
16Mr Brian Whittaker (PDF 415KB) Attachment 1(PDF 3826KB) Attachment 2(PDF 163KB) Attachment 3(PDF 304KB) 
17Mr Phil Taylor (PDF 648KB) 
18United Firefighters Union of Australia ACT Branch (PDF 160KB) 
19United Firefighters Union of Australia (PDF 3643KB) Attachment 1(PDF 223KB) Attachment 2(PDF 184KB) Attachment 3(PDF 890KB) Attachment 4(PDF 62KB) Attachment 5(PDF 77KB) Attachment 6(PDF 89KB) Attachment 7(PDF 455KB) Attachment 8(PDF 760KB) Attachment 9(PDF 1741KB) Attachment 10(PDF 10357KB) Attachment 11(PDF 1655KB) Attachment 12(PDF 1050KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 6304KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 3154KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 726KB) 
20Ms Janet Reed (PDF 28KB) 
21Ms Sarah Reed (PDF 20KB) 
22Mr Corey Reed (PDF 20KB) 
23Mr Dean Symmans (PDF 21KB) 
24ACT Department of Chief Minister and Cabinet (PDF 270KB) 
25Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 878KB) 
26Mr Ken Block (PDF 959KB) 
27Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (PDF 309KB) 

Additional Information Received

1DVD and transcript tabled by the United Firefighters Union of Australia on 9 August 2011.(PDF 964KB) 
2Document tabled by Mr Ken Block on 2 September 2011.(PDF 111KB) 
3Film Clip tabled by Mr Ken Block on 2 September 2011. Film Clip available on request from the secretariat.(PDF 52KB) 
4Film Clip tabled by Mr Ken Block on 2 September 2011. Film Clip available on request from the secretariat.(PDF 52KB) 

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