Public Hearings and Transcripts

Inquiry into the Workplace Relations Amendment (Work Choices) Bill 2005

Public Hearings and Transcripts

The public hearings will take place in the Main Committee Room in Parliament House, on the first floor and easily accessible to the public. There is a gallery as well as floor space.

The proceedings will be broadcast within Parliament House on television Channel 11, and on internal radio 92.7. Webcast will be available at  on HMS 11.

Date Location
14/11/2005 Canberra (PDF 46KB) (HTML format) (PDF 749KB)
15/11/2005 Canberra (PDF 54KB) (HTML format) (PDF 752KB)
16/11/2005 Canberra (PDF 53KB) (HTML format) (PDF 714KB)
17/11/2005 Canberra (PDF 53KB) (HTML format) (PDF 715KB)
18/11/2005 Canberra (PDF 45KB) (HTML format) (PDF 509KB)

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