Submissions received by the committee as at 2 December 2008

Inquiry into matters relating to the gas explosion at Varanus Island, Western Australia

Submissions received by the committee as at 2 December 2008

Sub No.
1 Professor Robert Amin, Woodside Research Facility, Curtin University of Technology (PDF 9KB)
2 Bunbury Wellington Economic Alliance (PDF 27KB)
3 Lighthouse Beach Resort (PDF 311KB)
4 Manjimup Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PDF 118KB)
5 Confidential
6 Prime Laundry and Drycleaning (PDF 194KB)
7 Plantation Logging Co (PDF 11KB)
8 Western Australian Local Government Association (PDF 1151KB)
9 Premin Holdings (PDF 651KB)
10 Withheld
11 Capel Takeaway (PDF 283KB)
12 Piacentini & Son (PDF 526KB)
13 Mr Kim Marino (PDF 324KB)
14 Newcrest Mining (PDF 508KB)
15 Withheld
16 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (PDF 40KB)
17 Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (PDF 164KB)
18 Dynea Australia (PDF 35KB)
19 M & T Cutts Haulage (PDF 540KB)
20 DomGas Alliance (PDF 207KB);  Attachment A (PDF 30KB);  Attachment B (PDF 2242KB);  Attachment C (PDF 1089KB);  Attachment D (PDF 180KB)
21 Australian Hotels Association (Western Australia) (PDF 1056KB)
22 Tourism Western Australia (PDF 602KB)
23 City of Bunbury (PDF 624KB)
24 Food Industry Association of Western Australia (PDF 94KB)
25 Confidential
26 Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (PDF 483KB)
27 Sustainable Energy Now (PDF 3065KB);  Attachment A (PDF 53KB);  Attachment B (PDF 181KB);  Attachment C (PDF 1792KB)
28 Australian Pipeline Industry Association (PDF 37KB)
29 Synergy (PDF 1821KB)
30 Santos (PDF 473KB)
31 Hon Francis Logan MLA (PDF 2058KB)
32 Economic Regulation Authority (Western Australia) (PDF 119KB)
33 Alinta (received on 2 December 2008) (PDF 660KB)


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