Submissions received by the Committee as at 11 February 2009

Inquiry into the Tax Agent Services Bill 2008

Submissions received by the Committee as at 11 February 2009

Sub No.
1 Mr J Levitt (PDF 35KB)
2 Confidential
3 Mr R Dwyer (PDF 8KB)
4 Mrs T Warr (PDF 14KB)
5 Tax Agents' Boards (PDF 159KB)
6 Australian Association of Professional Bookkeepers Ltd (PDF 352KB); Supplementary Submission (PDF 353KB)
7 Australian Bookkeepers Network (PDF 231KB)
8 The Fourth Wave (Australia) Pty Ltd (PDF 91KB)
9 The Fourth Wave (Australia) Pty Ltd and others (PDF 168KB)
10 NOAH Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF 191KB)
11 Mr I Steward (PDF 19KB)
12 Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Ltd (PDF 225KB); Supplementary Submission (PDF 635KB)
13 Composite Group (PDF 1026KB)
14 H&R Block (PDF 153KB)
15 Mr P Davis & Mr P Polgar (PDF 1883KB); Supplementary Submission (PDF 105KB)
16 Aditus Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF 26KB)
17 Treasury (PDF 379KB); Supplementary Submission (PDF 85KB)
18 CPA Australia Ltd (PDF 54KB)
19 Association of Taxation and Management Accountants (PDF 197KB)
20 Ms A O'Mahoney (PDF 20KB)
21 Dr T Freund (PDF 17KB)
22 Financial Planning Association of Australia Ltd (PDF 50KB)
23 BSI Services Pty Ltd (PDF 48KB)
24 Association of Accounting Technicians Australia (PDF 112KB); Supplementary Submission (PDF 584KB); Additional Supplementary Submission (PDF 125KB)
25 National Institute of Accountants (PDF 100KB)
26 Law Council of Australia Taxation Committee (PDF 99KB)
27 Taxation Institute of Australia (PDF 37KB)
28 Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 36KB)
29 Association of Certified Bookkeepers Inc. (PDF 85KB)
30 Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (PDF 88KB)
31 Mr D Smith (PDF 3861KB)
32 Michael Johnson Associates Pty Ltd (PDF 108KB)

Institute of Actuaries of Australia (PDF 120KB)

34 Michael Johnson Associates (PDF 202KB)
35 Confidential

Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) (PDF 528KB)

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