Terms of Reference

The current framework of fundraising regulation for charities and options for reform, with particular reference to:

  1. whether the current framework of fundraising regulation creates unnecessary problems for charities and organisations who rely on donations from Australian supporters;
  2. whether current fundraising laws meet the objectives that guided the decision to regulate donations;
  3. whether current fundraising compliance regimes allow charities to cultivate donor activity and make optimal use of resources donors provide;
  4. the loss in productivity for the thousands of charities who try to meet the requirements of the seven different fundraising regimes;
  5. whether the current frameworks for investigation and enforcement are the best model for the contemporary fundraising environment;
  6. how Federal, State and Territory Governments could work together to provide charities with a nationally-consistent, contemporary and fit-for-purpose fundraising regime;
  7. the appropriate donor-focused expectations and requirements that should govern fundraising regulation in the 21st century;
  8. how the Australian consumer law should apply to not-for-profit fundraising activities;
  9. what are the best mechanisms to regulate third party fundraisers and to ensure the culture of third party fundraisers matches community perceptions of the clients they work with;
  10. whether a harmonised, contemporary fundraising regime could help in addressing concerns about the potential influence of foreign money on civil society and political debate in Australia;
  11. the cost to the charity and not-for-profit sector, and the communities they serve, of postponing fundraising reform; and
  12. any other related matters.

The resolution establishing the Committee is available in the Journals of the Senate of 19 June 2018.

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