B. Public Hearings

Wednesday, 15 September 2021 - Canberra
Australian National Audit Office
Mr Grant Hehir, Auditor-General for Australia
Mr Tom Ioannou, Group Executive Director
Ms Michelle Page, Executive Director
Department of Defence
Mr Tony Fraser, Deputy Secretary Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group
Mr Tony Dalton, Deputy Secretary National Naval Shipbuilding
Mr Ciril Karo, Group Business Manager Capability Acquisition & Sustainment
Ms Francesca Rush, Acting First Assistant Secretary Australian Industry Capability and Chief Commercial Counsel
Mr Shane Fairweather, First Assistant Secretary, Rotary, Aerospace and Surveillance Systems Division
AVM Gregory Hoffmann, Head Aerospace Systems Division
MAJGEN Andrew Bottrell, Head Land Systems Division
Mr Coan Harvey, Assistant Secretary Capability Advice and Analytics Branch
MAJGEN David Coghlan, Head Armoured Vehicle Division
MAJGEN Simon Stuart, Head Land Capability – Army
BRIG Warren Gould, Director General Systems and Integration
COL Tim Connolly, Deputy Commander Army Aviation Command
BRIG Jeremy King, Director General Platforms
RADM Chris Smith, Deputy Chief of Navy
AIRCDRE Robert Denney, Director General - Air Combat Capability
AVM Catherine Roberts, Head Air Force Capability

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