Chair's Foreword

This report details the Committee’s review of two Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) reports relating to major project acquisitions by the Department of Defence (Defence).
The 2018-19 Major Projects Report (MPR) provides an examination of the performance and management of selected major Defence projects and related matters. The second report examines the Future Submarine Program, which will be incorporated into the next MPR for 2019-20. The concurrent examination of these reports enabled the Committee to consider issues facing the procurement of major projects, including risk management, scheduling performance, and acquisition governance.
While no recommendations were made by the ANAO in either the MPR or the performance audit of the Future Submarine Program, the Committee observed that some of the ANAO’s suggestions for improvement have already been actioned by Defence.
In this report, the Committee makes a number of recommendations in relation to aspects of Defence’s administration of major projects, and regarding the format and readability of the MPR.
I would like to thank the organisations and individuals who made submissions to this inquiry and participated in public hearings. I also thank committee members who have cooperated in producing this report.
Ms Lucy Wicks MP

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