B. Public Hearings

Friday, 18 June 2021 - Canberra

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ms Jane Bastin-Sikimeti, Director, Pacific Gender Section
Ms Julie-Ann Guivarra, Ambassador for Gender Equality, and First Assistant Secretary, Gender Equality Branch, Multilateral Policy Division
Ms Danielle Heinecke, First Assistant Secretary, Pacific Operations and Development
ActionAid Australia
Ms Michelle Higelin, Executive Director
Ms Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls, Technical Adviser, Shifting The Power Coalition
ANU Development Policy Centre and Femili PNG
Mr Stephen Howes, Director, Development Policy Centre, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University; Chair, Femili PNG
Ms Fiona Gunn, Chief Executive Officer, Friends of Femili PNG; Development Manager, Femili PNG
Australian Red Cross
Ms Veronica Bell, Head of International Technical Services
Ms Joanne Choe, Regional Manager, Pacific
Ms Angela Lenn, Contractor Representative
International Women's Development Agency
Ms Tracey Newbury, Senior Program Manager
Pasifika Women's Alliance
Ms Cassaundra Rangip, Vice-President
Ms Jane Kennedy, Associate Director, International Programs
World Vision Australia
Ms Kate Moss, Manager, Pacific
Ms Mercy Jumo, Senior Policy Adviser, Child Rights, World Vision Australia
YWCA Australia
Ms Bobbie Trower, Senior Manager, Advocacy

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