C. Public hearings

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Macquarie Room, Sydney

Private Capacity

Prof George Williams

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights

Dr Tamsin Clarke

Private Capacity

Dr Luke Beck

Private Capacity

Dr Alex Deagon

Private Capacity

Dr Paul Taylor

Australian Catholic University

Dr Michael Casey, Director, PM Glynn Institute

Wilberforce Foundation

Mr Christopher Brohier

The University of Notre Dame Australia

Professor Michael Quinlan

Human Rights Law Alliance

Mr Martyn Iles

Private Capacity

Associate Professor Neil Foster

The University of Notre Dame Australia

Professor Iain Benson

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

55 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Human Rights Law Centre

Ms Anna Brown, Director of Legal Advocacy
Ms Lee Jia-Yi Carnie, Lawyer

Private capacity

Professor Carolyn Evans

Presbyterian Church of Queensland

Mr Mark Fowler, Legal Representative

Private capacity

Associate Professor Patrick Quirk

Private capacity

Dr Augusto Zimmermann

Private capacity

Mr Joshua Forrester

Private capacity

Ms Lorraine Finlay

Private capacity

Professor Gary Bouma

Religions for Peace Australia

Professor Desmond Cahill, Chair

Friday, 27 October 2017

Committee Room 1R1, Parliament House, Canberra

Australian Human Rights Commission - via Skype

Mr Daniel Nellor, Adviser to the Human Rights Commissioner
Mr Edward Santow, Human Rights Commissioner

The Australian Law Reform Commission - via Skype

Mr Robert Cornall AO, Acting President
Mr Matthew Roger, Principal Legal Officer

ACT Justice and Community Safety Directorate

Mr Sean Costello, Director, Civil Law, Legislation, Policy and Programs
Ms Julie Field, Executive Director, Legislation, Policy and Programs

Attorney-General’s Department

Ms Autumn O'Keefe, Acting Assistant Secretary, Civil Law Unit, Civil Justice and Corporate Group
Mr John Reid, Acting Deputy Secretary, Civil Justice and Corporate Group

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