Australia's response to the coup in Myanmar

June 2021

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Chair's Foreword

Members of the JSCFADT

Members of the Foreign Affairs and Aid Sub-committee



List of Recommendations

1. Overview of the inquiry activity

  Report structure
  Questions on Notice

2. Current events in Myanmar

  Civil disobedience movement
  Australian business sector in Myanmar
  Visibility of Australia’s diplomatic response
  Concluding comment

3. Recognition of states, not governments

  Foreign policy objectives
  Engagement with Myanmar’s democratic representatives
  Engagement with the Tatmadaw
  Concluding comment

4. Advocacy throughout the wider region

  The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  The United Nations (UN)
  Relations with China
  Concluding comment

5. Calls for Australian Government assistance

  International development assistance
  Concluding comment

6. Other measures to effect change

  Influencing the Tatmadaw
  Cutting the cash flow
  Cutting the arms supply
  Removing the impunity
  Concluding comment

Myanmar - Additional Comments

Australian Greens additional comments

  Coup in Myanmar
  Targeted sanctions

A. Submissions

B. Hearings

  Tuesday, 13 April 2021 - Canberra
  Tuesday, 13 May 2021 - Canberra

C. Answers to Questions on Notice

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