Submissions received by the Committee

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1Professor Graeme Orr (PDF 112 KB) 
2Professor Joo-Cheong Tham (PDF 199 KB) 
3Ms Rebecca Schneider (PDF 93 KB) 
4A/Prof Luke Beck (PDF 834 KB) 
5The Australian Greens (PDF 413 KB) 
6A/Prof Vanessa Teague, Dr Blom, Prof GorĂ©, Prof Stark, Prof Stuckey, Dr Vukcevic (PDF 216 KB) 
7Child Protection Party (PDF 1839 KB) 
8Mr Edwin Adamson (PDF 93 KB) 
9Department of Finance (PDF 168 KB) 
10The Centre for Public Integrity (PDF 371 KB) 
11Mr Andrew Wilkie MP (PDF 449 KB) 
12Australian Conservation Foundation (PDF 451 KB) 
13Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 1026 KB) 
14ALP Queensland Branch (PDF 1319 KB) 
15Ms Kammy Cordner Hunt (PDF 191 KB) 
16Professor Anne Twomey, Mr Giacomo Rotolo-Ross, University of Sydney (PDF 1430 KB) 
17GetUp (PDF 265 KB) 
18Public Health Association Australia (PDF 1679 KB) 
19Liberal Party of Australia (PDF 263 KB) 
20Human Rights Law Centre (PDF 133 KB) 

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