Submissions received by the Committee

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1Professor Graeme Orr (PDF 73 KB) 
2Child Protection Party (PDF 901 KB) 
3Electoral Commission of Queensland (PDF 1378 KB) 
4Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party (PDF 1988 KB) 
5A/Prof Luke Beck (PDF 406 KB) 
6Australian Progressives (PDF 208 KB) 
7Sex Work Law Reform Victoria (PDF 307 KB) 
8Vote Australia Incorporated (NSW) (PDF 144 KB) 
9Hon Bob Katter MP (PDF 344 KB) 
10Mr Benjamin Cronshaw (PDF 73 KB) 
11Mr Andrew Wilkie MP (PDF 251 KB) 
12Dr Colleen Lewis (PDF 82 KB) 
13The Australian Greens (PDF 765 KB) 
14Australian Electoral Commission (PDF 958 KB) 
15Public Health Association of Australia (PDF 811 KB) 
16Science Party (PDF 92 KB) 
17The Nationals (PDF 193 KB) 
18Human Rights Law Centre (PDF 500 KB) 
19GetUp (PDF 139 KB) 
20Liberal Party of Australia (PDF 373 KB) 

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