Final Report

© Commonwealth of Australia 2015
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Preliminary pages (PDF 146KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 67KB)
Chapter 2: Management of ballot papers (PDF 697KB)
Chapter 3: Workforce management, accountability and corporate structure (PDF 344KB)
Chapter 4: Election preparation and the pre-poll period (PDF 290KB)
Chapter 5: Election day and the count (PDF 282KB)
Chapter 6: Electoral cycle issues (PDF 224KB)
Dissenting Report – The Hon. Alan Griffin MP, the Hon. Gary Gray MP, Senator Chris Ketter, Senator Lee Rhiannon
(PDF 83KB)
Additional Comments – Senator Lee Rhiannon
(PDF 61KB)
Appendix A: Submissions and exhibits (PDF 91KB
Appendix B: Public hearings (PDF 78KB
Appendix C: Australian Electoral Commission organisational chart (PDF 121KB
Appendix D: List of recommendations from interim reports (PDF 99KB

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