Corporate responsibility: Managing risk and creating value

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Corporate responsibility: Managing risk and creating value

21 June 2006

© Commonwealth of Australia 2006
ISBN 0 642 716595

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Introductory Pages (PDF 173KB)

Members of the Committee
Duties of the Committee
Terms of Reference

Executive Summary (PDF 140KB)
Recommendations (PDF 126KB)
Abbreviations (PDF 120KB)
Chapter One - Introduction (PDF 147KB)

Conduct of the inquiry
Inquiry by the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee
Structure of the report

Chapter Two - Backgroud (PDF 238KB)

Definitions and concepts
Historical context
The role of corporations in society
The state of play in Australia

Chapter Three - Drivers and principles of corporate responsibility (PDF 262KB)
Drivers of corporate responsibility
Principles of corporate responsibility
Chapter Four - Directors' duties (PDF 266KB)

The current legislative framework
Impact of the current legislative framework
Options for legislative change

Chapter Five - Institutional investors (PDF 234KB)

Characteristics of institutional investors
Long term investment
Size of institutional investors
Duties of institutional investors
How active have institutional investors been?
Assisting institutional investors
United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment

Chapter Six - Sustainability reporting: background and current status (PDF 329KB)

Benefits and impediments
Principles of sustainability reporting
Forms of sustainability reports
State of sustainability reporting in Australia
Overseas developments

Chapter Seven - Sustainability reporting: Current legislative and market requirements (PDF 272KB)

Statutory requirements for financial reporting
Requirements of the Corporate Governance Council Recommendations
Review of the Corporate Governance Council Recommendations
Other Australian Stock Exchange requirements
Non-financial reporting

Chapter Eight - Encouraging corporate responsibility (PDF 304KB)

Institutional investors
Business and industry initiatives
Initiatives of community and not-for-profit organisations
The role of government

Supplementary report by Labour members (PDF 315KB)

Better coordinate government initiatives
Sustainable, responsible government activities
Monitor consideration of legitimate environmental and social impacts by directors and trustees
Support and resource business
Improve business sustainability reporting
Better engage the investment sector
Appendix 1: Summary of Labor members' recommendations
Appendix 2: Labor position on main committee recommendations

Additional remarks by Senator Andrew Murray, Australian Democrats Senator for Western Australia (PDF 151KB)
Appendix One - Submissions received by committee (PDF 127KB)
Appendix Two - Public hearings and witnesses (PDF 104KB)

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