Submissions received by the Committee

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1Legislative Council of Western Australia (PDF 141 KB) 
2Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (PDF 483 KB) 
3European Parliament (PDF 48 KB) 
4House of Commons, Canada (PDF 2008 KB) 
5Professor George Williams AO, Mr Sam Lee and Mr Daniel Reynolds (PDF 338 KB) 
6Legislative Council of Victoria (PDF 80 KB) 
7House of Commons, UK (PDF 145 KB) 
8New Zealand House of Representatives (PDF 107 KB) 
9Australian House of Representatives (PDF 2341 KB) 
10Professor Ariadne Vromen, Professor Darren Halpin and Mr Michael Vaughan (PDF 68 KB) 
11ACT Legislative Assembly (PDF 818 KB) 
12The Law Society of New South Wales  (PDF 996 KB) 
13Scottish Parliament, Public Petitions Committee  (PDF 41 KB) 
14Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira (PDF 812 KB) 

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