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Petitions presented during the 45th Parliament (received in the 44th Parliament)

      These petitions were received by the Standing Committee on Petitions of the 44th Parliament and certified as being in-order. 
      These petitions were presented by the Chair of the Standing Committee on Petitions, Mr Ross Vasta MP on Monday 10 
      October 2016.

Petition number  Details  Signatures Response
1150/1657 Closure of the Medicare/Centrelink office in Belmont, NSW (PDF 90KB) 1784 12/11/2016 - Minister for Human Services
1151/1659 Superannuation Complaints Tribunal's powers to review death benefits
(PDF 60KB)
29 14/12/2016 - Minister for Revenue and Financial Services
1154/1662  Ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (PDF 68KB) 1  2/3/2017 - Attorney General

Reduce violence against women and children and provide more crisis refuges (PDF 119KB)

8423  3/2/2017 - Minister for Women
1157/1665 Recognition of Australian indigenous people in the Constitution (PDF 70KB)  49  
1158/1666 Refugee and asylum seeker processing and the resettlement and appeals system (PDF 59KB) 73  
1161/1669 End to the export of live animals for slaughter (PDF 89KB)  6661   
1162/1670 Immediate end to Falun Gong in China (PDF 46KB) 13471 16/12/2016 - Minister for Foreign Affairs
1163/1671 Closure of Manus Island and Nauru detention facilities (PDF 115KB) 364  
1164/1672 Mobile phone coverage in Wasleys SA (PDF 740KB)  769 19/12/2016 - Minister for Regional Communications
1165/1763 All land, companies and trusts to be at least 51 per cent Australian owned
(PDF 20KB)
1165/1674 All land, companies and trusts to be at least 51 per cent Australian owned
(PDF 872KB)
1166/1675 Introduction of a fee and dividend policy on carbon fuels (PDF 53KB) 240   6/3/2017 - Treasurer
1167/1676 Persecuted Christians in the Middle East. (PDF 235KB) 6,601 22/11/2016 - Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

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