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April 2019

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Chair's Foreword


Committee Secretariat


Terms of Reference

List of Recommendations

1. Introduction

  About the Inquiry
  Previous Reports on Sleep Health
  Report Structure

2. Insufficient Sleep

  Common Causes of Inadequate Sleep
  Impacts of Inadequate Sleep
  Concluding Comment

3. Sleep Disorders

  Types, Causes and Symptoms of Sleep Disorders
  Prevalence of Sleep Disorders in Australia
  Intersection with Other Medical Conditions
  Personal Accounts of Living with Sleep Disorders
  Concluding Comment

4. Sleep Health and the Workplace

  Fatigue and Impaired Alertness in the Workplace
  Shift Work
  Road and Workplace Accidents
  Workplace Awareness, Practices, and Assistance Available
  Concluding Comment

5. Diagnosis, Management and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

  Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Health Issues
  Costs and Accessibility of Sleep Medicine
  Concluding Comment

6. Research and Awareness of Sleep Health Issues

  Community Awareness of Sleep Health Issues
  Education and Training for Healthcare Workers
  Research, Investment and Data Collection on Sleep Health and Sleep Disorders
  Concluding Comment

A. Submissions

B. Exhibits

C. Hearings and Witnesses

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Phone: +61 2 6277 4145