The New Frontier - Delivering better health for all Australians

November 2021

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Chair's Foreword

Terms of Reference



List of Recommendations

1. Introduction

  About the inquiry

2. Recent reviews and agreements

3. Understanding the System

  Access to new drugs and medical technologies
  Participants’ understanding of the current system
  Gaps in the current system
  Committee Comment

4. The Patient Voice

  The patient voice and the Therapeutic Goods Administration
  The patient voice and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee
  The patient voice and the Medical Benefits Advisory Committee
  The patient voice and the Prostheses List
  Other submitters’ views on the patient voice
  Overseas models
  Future government engagement with the patient voice
  Committee Comment

5. The Therapeutic Goods Administration

  General themes
  Technical aspects of regulation
  Other areas of interest
  Committee Comment

6. Health Technology Assessment and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee

  The application process
  The valuation process
  Post-assessment matters
  Committee Comment

7. The Medical Services Advisory Committee

  The application process
  Approaches to evidence
  The valuation process
  The Prostheses List Advisory Committee
  Medical Services Advisory Committee Guidelines Review
  Committee Comment

8. Rare Diseases

  Government initiatives for rare disease
  Committee Comment

9. Clinical Trials

  Regulations for clinical trials in Australia
  Australian Government initiatives and funding
  Australia’s competitive advantage
  The challenges for clinical trials in Australia
  The future
  Committee Comment

10. Research and Development

  Australian Government funding initiatives
  Research incentives
  Horizon scanning
  Repurposing drugs
  Committee Comment

11. Recommendations

  List of Recommendations

A. Submissions

B. Exhibits

C. Hearings and Witnesses

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Parliament House
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Phone: +61 2 6277 4145