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ASIC01QON Wolahan My question is about the acts that ASIC is responsible for and whether you've been tracking what the most litigated provisions are, from two perspectives—the first are those that are on appeal which may point to ambiguity in provisions that we need to look at, and the second are those that are constantly appearing before the courts and are creating a cost on business that, again, we may need to look at.

Hansard, p.11

11 October 2022

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(10 November 2022)
Do you have a view on the discounts available in capital raising for institutional investors compared to mum-and-dad investors? …

It was particularly in regard to equity offers, on which many have commented that the better offers are made to institutional investors earlier than to them.

Hansard, p.12

11 October 2022

van Manen
Please explain why ASIC’s response times to complaints are so slow and/or non-existent.

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The Standing Committee on Economics has agreed to review the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Annual Reports 2021, 2022 and 2023.

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