Chapter 33 - Effect and suspension of standing orders

208 Powers, privileges and immunities not affected

Except so far as is expressly provided, these standing orders do not restrict the mode in which the Senate may exercise and uphold its powers, privileges, and immunities.

209 Motion for suspension

  1. In cases of urgent necessity, standing or other orders of the Senate may be suspended on motion without notice, if the motion is carried by an absolute majority of the whole number of senators.
  2. When notice has been given of a motion for the suspension of a standing or other order, the motion may be carried by a majority of senators voting.
  3. A motion for the suspension of standing or other orders moved during the consideration of a matter must be relevant to that matter.
  4. On a motion for the suspension of a standing or other order a senator shall not speak for more than 5 minutes, and if the debate is not concluded at the expiration of 30 minutes after the moving of the motion the question on the motion shall then be put.

(amended 13 February 1997)

210 Effect of suspension

The suspension of a standing or other order shall be limited in its operation to the particular purpose for which the suspension has been sought.