Chapter 19 - Roll call

106 Notice of order

A notice for an order for a roll call of the Senate, as soon as practicable after the notice is given, shall be forwarded by the Clerk to each senator.

107 Order for roll call

  1. An order for a roll call shall be made not less than 21 days before the day specified in the order as the day for the roll call.
  2. An order for a roll call may be postponed or discharged as with other orders of the day.
  3. An order for a roll call shall be the first order of the day for the day on which the roll call is to take place.

108 Conduct of roll call

  1. When the order of the day for a roll call is read, the bells shall be rung as for a division.
  2. The names of all senators shall then be called by the Clerk in alphabetical order and senators present shall answer their names.
  3. The name of a senator who has not answered shall be called again, and if the senator does not then answer the President shall report the absence of the senator.

109 Senators not present

A senator reported as absent after a roll call may, on motion without notice, be excused from attendance or be ordered to attend at a future time.

110 Roll call for Constitution alteration bills

  1. A roll call shall take place immediately before the third reading of a bill to alter the Constitution.
  2. Where the third readings of more than one bill to alter the Constitution are determined in immediate succession, one roll call may be made in respect of all the bills.