Chapter 7 - Senators' roll, attendance and places of senators

45 Roll

  1. A senators' roll for each state and territory shall be kept by the Clerk, showing the names of the senators, the dates of election, of taking the oath or affirmation of allegiance, of ceasing to be a senator and the cause.
  2. Each senator shall sign the roll on the day on which the senator takes the oath or affirmation of allegiance.
  3. When senators have been divided into 2 classes under the provisions of section 13 of the Constitution, the Clerk shall enter on the roll opposite the name of each senator the class to which the senator belongs.

46 Attendance of senators

For the purposes of section 20 of the Constitution, a record shall be kept in the Journals each day of senators who do not attend at some time during the sitting.

47 Leave of absence to senators

  1. Leave of absence may be given by the Senate to a senator on motion after notice, stating the cause and period of absence. The notice of motion shall have precedence as business of the Senate.
  2. A senator shall be excused from service in the Senate or on a committee so long as the senator has leave of absence.
  3. A senator having leave of absence shall forfeit it by attending the Senate before the expiration of the leave.

48 Senators' seats

  1. The front seats on the right of the President shall be reserved for ministers.
  2. The front seats on the left of the President shall be reserved for leaders of parties and for opposition senators designated as having responsibility for particular matters.
  3. In relation to seats other than front seats, senators shall be entitled to retain the seats occupied by them at the time of their taking their seats for the first time after their election so long as they continue senators without re-election.
  4. Subject to this standing order and to any other order of the Senate, any question relating to the occupation of seats by senators shall be determined by the President.