Chapter 15 - Amendments

90 Moving of amendments

  1. A question having been proposed may be amended:
    1. by leaving out words;
    2. by leaving out words in order to insert or add words; or
    3. by inserting or adding words.
  2. An amendment to a question must be in writing and signed by the proposer.
  3. An amendment must be relevant to the question to which it is proposed to be made.
  4. The mover of a motion or a senator who has spoken in the debate may not move an amendment, and a senator may not move more than one amendment to a question.

91 Putting of amendments

  1. In respect of every amendment the President shall put a question—That the amendment be agreed to.
  2. An amendment proposed shall be disposed of before another amendment to the original question may be moved.
  3. An amendment proposed may be withdrawn by leave of the Senate.
  4. When amendments have been made the main question shall be put as amended.
  5. When amendments have been proposed but not made the question shall be put as originally proposed.

92 Same amendment

An amendment to a question may not be moved if it is the same in substance as an amendment already determined to the same question, or would have the effect only of reversing an amendment already made.

93 Amendments to amendments

Amendments may be proposed to a proposed amendment as if the proposed amendment were an original question.