Chapter 30 - Witnesses

176 Summoning of witnesses

  1. Witnesses, other than senators, may be ordered to attend before the Senate by summons signed by the Clerk, or before a committee by summons signed by the secretary of the committee.
  2. If a witness fails or refuses to attend or give evidence, the matter shall be reported to the Senate.

177 Senators as witnesses

  1. When the attendance of a senator is ordered by the Senate, the senator shall be summoned by the President to attend in the senator's place.
  2. If a committee requires the attendance of a senator as a witness, the chair shall, in writing, request the senator to attend, and if the senator declines to attend or to give evidence, the committee shall report the matter to the Senate.
  3. The Senate may order a senator to attend a Senate committee and to give evidence to the committee.

178 Members or officers of the House of Representatives

When the attendance of a member or officer of the House of Representatives is required by the Senate or a committee a message shall be sent to the House of Representatives requesting that the House of Representatives give leave to the member or officer to attend.

179 Requests from the House of Representatives

If the House of Representatives requests by message the attendance of a senator or an officer of the Senate before the House of Representatives or a committee, the Senate may authorise the senator or officer to attend.

180 Witnesses in prison

When a witness is in prison, the person in charge of the prison may be ordered to bring the witness, in safe custody, to be examined, and the President may be ordered to issue a warrant accordingly.

181 Protection of witnesses

A witness examined before the Senate or a committee is entitled to the protection of the Senate in respect of the evidence of the witness.

182 Witnesses before the Senate

The examination of a witness before the Senate shall be conducted in accordance with procedures adopted by the Senate for the purpose.

183 Evidence given elsewhere by senators or officers

A senator or officer of the Senate, or a person involved in recording the proceedings of the Senate or a committee, may not give evidence elsewhere in respect of proceedings of the Senate or the committee, without the permission of the Senate, or, if the President is authorised to give that permission, of the President.