Parliament: a quick guide to key internet links

6 December 2013 

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Dr Joy McCann
Politics and Public Administration


This Quick Guide provides direct links to key websites, information and documents relating to:

Australia's Vice Regal arrangements

  • Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia: Australia is a constitutional monarchy and Australia’s Governor-General is appointed by the Queen as Her Majesty’s representative with powers derived from the Australian Constitution; the Governor-General must assent to bills passed by the Australian Parliament before they can become law
  • State Governors of Australia and Administrators of the Northern and Island Territories: the Governor of each Australian state represent the Queen and undertakes constitutional, ceremonial and community functions; the Administrators of the Northern and Island Territories represent the Governor-General and are appointed to administer the territory of the Commonwealth on his or her behalf

Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia


  • Sitting calendar for 2014
  • Watch Parliament: live broadcasting schedule of events in the Senate, House of Representatives and Federation Chamber
  • Hansard: search parliamentary debates by keyword, period, person, chamber/committee or context
  • ParlInfo: search parliamentary collections including chamber and procedural documents, key constitutional documents, Parliamentary Library collections and external media resources 


Historical information

Research and information

Parliaments of the States and Territories

Overseas parliaments

Overseas parliamentary organisations

See Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) for other parliamentary organisations


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