Odgers' Australian Senate Practice Thirteenth Edition

Odgers’ Australian Senate Practice (OASP) is a detailed reference work on all aspects of the Senate's powers, procedures and practices. Matters covered range from broad constitutional principles to the fine details of the rules of debate and procedure. The work has for its base the Constitution, the standing orders, rulings of successive presidents, practice and precedent.

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Chapter 1- The Senate and its constitutional role

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Chapter 2- Parliamentary Privilege: immunities and powers of the Senate

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Chapter 3- Publication of Senate proceedings

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Chapter 4- Elections for the Senate

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Chapter 5- Officers of the Senate: parliamentary administration

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Chapter 6- Senators

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Chapter 7- Meetings of the Senate

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Chapter 8- Conduct of proceedings

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Chapter 9- Motions and amendments

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Chapter 10- Debate

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Chapter 11- Voting and divisions

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Chapter 12- Legislation

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Chapter 13- Financial legislation

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Chapter 14- Committee of the whole proceedings

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Chapter 15- Delegated legislation and disallowance

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Chapter 16- Committees

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Chapter 17- Witnesses

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Chapter 18- Documents tabled in the Senate

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Chapter 19- Relations with the executive government

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Chapter 20- Relations with the judiciary

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Chapter 21- Relations with the House of Representatives

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Appendix Parliamentary privilege resolutions agreed to by the Senate on 25 February 1988

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Appendix Committee of Privileges Reports 1966–2012

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Appendix Matters of privilege raised and rulings of the President

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Appendix Private Senators’ Bills

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Appendix List of bills in which the Senate has made requests for amendments and results of such requests, 1901-2012

(PDF 894KB)

Appendix Casual vacancies in the Senate 1977-2012

(PDF 594KB)

Appendix Committees on which senators served 1970–2011

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Appendix Select Committees 1985–2012

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Appendix A Chronology of the Senate: 1901 - 2012