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Title Date
Women in parliament and politics: a quick guide to key internet links PDF icon
The 2024 ASEAN-Australia Special Summit PDF icon 28.02.2024
State Statistical Bulletin 2022-23 PDF icon
Australia's Parliament House in 2023: a Chronology PDF icon
2023 Voice Referendum resources: a quick guide PDF icon
Gender composition of Australian parliaments by party: a quick guide PDF icon
35th Anniversary of Parliament House: a chronology
Excess Deaths in Australia: Frequently Asked Questions PDF icon
Health practitioner regulation: a quick guide PDF icon
2023 update remuneration of Commonwealth departmental secretaries: Quick guide PDF icon 24.11.2023
2023 Parliamentary remuneration and business resources: a quick guide PDF icon 23.11.2023
You Win Some, You Lose More report on online gambling harm: a quick guide PDF icon 20.11.2023
The US-Vietnam upgraded partnership and its implications PDF icon
Australian Government Indigenous-specific bodies and budgets: a quick guide PDF icon 17.11.2023
Classroom disruption PDF icon 16.11.2023
Understanding R&D and innovation metrics PDF icon
Final report of the Select Committee on Foreign Interference through Social Media: a quick guide PDF icon 08.11.2023
Reforming Australia's national environmental law: an overview of the government's response to the Samuel Review PDF icon
Former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian Government representative and advisory bodies: a quick guide PDF icon 01.11.2023
Indigenous and minority representation worldwide PDF icon
Commonwealth laws relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: a quick guide PDF icon
Tertiary education: a quick guide to key internet links PDF icon 18.09.2023
Disallowable Instruments Update: tabled week beginning 19 June 2023 PDF icon 15.09.2023
The Pacific Australia Labour Mobility scheme: a quick guide PDF icon 13.09.2023
The vocational education and training sector: a quick guide PDF icon 12.09.2023
Cultural diversity in the 47th Parliament: a quick guide PDF icon
Japan: a policy laboratory for population ageing and decline PDF icon
Disallowable Instruments Update: Tabled week beginning 13 June 2023 PDF icon
Proposals to increase parliamentary scrutiny of Defence: a quick guide PDF icon
Disallowable Instruments Update: Tabled week beginning 30 May 2023 PDF icon 

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