About the Parliamentary Library

Since its establishment in 1901, the Parliamentary Library has served as a trusted source of information, analysis and advice for the Australian Parliament. Our services are confidential, impartial, and offered on an equal basis to all parliamentarians, parliamentary committees, and to staff acting on their behalf. The Library is part of the Department of Parliamentary Services.

We offer:

  • Customised and confidential research and analysis for parliamentarians, parliamentary committees, and their staff
  • Specialised print and digital collections developed to meet the needs of parliamentary clients
  • News and media monitoring services
  • Statistics and mapping services
  • A wide range of publicly available research publications including Bills Digests which provide an independent analysis of legislation before the Parliament
  • Access to historical information about parliamentarians and the Parliament

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Organisation structure

Learn about the Parliamentary Librarian and the structure of the Library, as well as annual reports and client service evaluations of the Library.

Careers and internships

Discover employment opportunities, internships, the Australian Parliamentary Fellowship program and the Summer Research Scholarship program.

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