House of Representatives Standing and Sessional Orders

As at 14 November 2013

The rules of procedure for the House of Representatives as at 14 November 2013.

Amendments: 44th Parliament

The current standing orders are those dated 14 November 2013. They incorporate amendments made on 13 and 14 November 2013 to the standing orders as at 5 August 2013.


Chapter Chapter heading
Full version Full version, includes preliminary pages and all chapters PDF format
Preliminary pages PDF format
Chapter 1 Time limits and definitions PDF format
Chapter 2 Proceedings when Parliament called together PDF format
Chapter 3 Election of Speaker and Deputies PDF format
Chapter 4 The Speaker and administration in the Chamber PDF format
Chapter 5 Meeting and adjournment of the House PDF format
Chapter 6 Business and proceedings of the House PDF format
Chapter 7 Privilege PDF format
Chapter 8 Debate, order and disorder PDF format
Chapter 9 Questions seeking information PDF format
Chapter 10 Motions PDF format
Chapter 11 Voting PDF format
Chapter 12 Bills PDF format
Chapter 13 Financial proposals PDF format
Chapter 14 Federation Chamber PDF format
Chapter 15 Documents and petitions PDF format
Chapter 16 Standing, select and joint committees PDF format
Chapter 17 Witnesses and visitors PDF format
Chapter 18 Communication between the House and the Senate PDF format
Chapter 19 Addresses to the Queen or the Govenor–General PDF format
Record of amendments to the standing orders PDF format
Resolutions of the House HTML format
Index PDF format

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Historical information

The following is a list of superseded revisions of the standing orders published since 2004.

Standing orders as at 5 August 2013

Standing and sessional orders as at 20 October 2010

Standing and sessional orders as at 1 December 2008

Standing orders as at 12 March 2008

Standing orders as at 13 February 2008

Standing and sessional orders as at 29 March 2006

The House of Representatives Standing orders were totally revised and renumbered with effect from the start of the 41st Parliament on 16 November 2004.

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Sales information

Copies of the Standing and Sessional Orders are available for purchase.

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