Appendix 5—Clerks of the House of Representatives

  Period of office

JENKINS, George Henry, CMG (Acting*) (Sir George after retirement)

1.5.1901 to 6.7.1901

DUFFY, Charles Gavan, CMG

8.7.1901 to 31.1.1917

GALE, Walter Augustus, CMG

1.2.1917 to 27.7.1927

McGREGOR, John Robert

1.9.1927 to 28.9.1927

PARKES, Ernest William, CMG

27.10.1927 to 22.3.1937

GREEN, Frank Clifton, MC (CBE after retirement)

23.3.1937 to 25.6.1955

TREGEAR, Albert Allan (CBE after retirement)

27.6.1955 to 31.12.1958

TURNER, Alan George, CBE (Sir Alan after retirement)

1.1.1959 to 10.12.1971

PARKES, Norman James, CBE

11.12.1971 to 31.12.1976


1.1.1977 to 15.7.1982

BLAKE, Douglas Maurice, VRD (AM after retirement)

16.7.1982 to 30.7.1985

BROWNING, Alan Robert

31.7.1985 to 22.3.1991

BARLIN, Lyndal McAlpin, AM

23.3.1991 to 26.7.1997

HARRIS, Ian Charles AO

27.7.1997 to 4.12.2009

WRIGHT, Bernard Clive (AO after retirement)

5.12.2009 to 31.12.2013

ELDER, David Russell

1.1.2014 –

* Mr Jenkins was never formally appointed Clerk of the House, was paid no salary during his term as Acting Clerk and resigned to resume his office of Clerk of the Parliaments of Victoria.