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1Dr Matthew Groves, Faculty of Law, Monash University (PDF 124 KB)  e352a6d5-5037-4e92-bb22-df772d44032d~31796
2Rainbow Communities Tasmania Inc. (PDF 306 KB)  8995cbba-adf5-4e1d-9ebe-c7763a7a9a69~31882
3Department of Immigration and Border Protection (PDF 223 KB) 
3.1 Supplementary to submission 3 (PDF 4752 KB) 
4Professor Jane McAdam et al (PDF 157 KB)  c6cfa3b6-e7ef-4b33-8001-abfe4a68f5f2~31761
5CASE for Refugees (PDF 408 KB)  c6abc748-3eb6-45e5-bc3f-b636ca358eea~31892
6Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia (CATWA) (PDF 112 KB)  50aa2d1a-2cbc-4e13-8b9b-2aaaf6c77f79~32066
7Mr Michael Simmons (PDF 389 KB)  642c16e9-4081-4dc0-87ef-191cbcc716db~32113
8Anti-Slavery Australia (PDF 496 KB)  ec3e5de1-72f4-49d1-a03f-5477cb814dd3~32109
9St Vincent de Paul National Council (PDF 238 KB)  b8aa9627-d4cc-458b-adea-dbdd77c8babd~32116
10ACT Refugee Action Committee (PDF 207 KB)  7baa7f0d-258e-4507-a5cf-52ecc70133fc~32120
11Castan Centre for Human Rights Law (PDF 119 KB)  b0fe99ec-4af7-4735-a94f-ffeac836a296~32123
12Refugee Council of Australia (PDF 380 KB)  6509e9d1-9957-4e16-a908-eba304e99751~32124
13Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (PDF 520 KB)  ebe8d6fb-20a6-48ff-8df6-43f6973b4756~32135
14The Australian Churches Refugee Taskforce (PDF 249 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 85 KB)  Attachment 2 (PDF 195 KB)  b7934fec-8d67-4551-a6c1-d503ff0a05f8~32148|73fb7581-424c-41ea-9f52-d82416e0d0dc~32148|95d12f56-9647-49f8-af70-e286b32bddcc~32148
15Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS) (PDF 157 KB)  7a0c7638-0449-4de7-a240-a67ef45c3a8a~32149
16Immigration Advice and Rights Centre Inc. (iarc) (PDF 1291 KB)  f9c966a2-4930-46d8-a0d4-9918e3502040~32150
17United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (PDF 114 KB)  cc2c2616-52f4-480b-b023-a456ce970b71~32151
18Ms Elizabeth Thompson (PDF 629 KB)  8a8f9d87-30b5-42dd-ae7f-da7f49237bcf~32140
19PB and B Immigration Lawyers (PDF 438 KB)  66d321d7-2d04-4df9-9b83-4bc428bdece0~32153
20Australian Lawyers Alliance (PDF 503 KB)  40fcfcae-1f74-495b-8f0d-be00c9af24a5~32137

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An inquiry into the Migration Amendment (Regaining Control Over Australia's Protection Obligations) Bill 2013.

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