Medical Services (Dying with Dignity) Exposure Draft Bill 2014

10 November 2014

© Commonwealth of Australia 2014
ISBN 978-1-76010-111-4

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Members of the committee (PDF 302KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 95KB)

The referral
Conduct of the inquiry
Note on references
Structure of the report

Chapter 2 - Responses to the Bill (PDF 116KB)

Support for reform
The role of the doctor
The slippery slope
The role of palliative care
Public opinion

Chapter 3 - Constitutionality of the Bill (PDF 133KB)

The constitutionality of the Bill

Chapter 4 - Comments on the provisions of the Bill (PDF 145KB)

Definitions and language used in the Bill
The adequacy of safeguards in the Bill

Chapter 5 - Committee comment and recommendation (PDF 8KB)
Appendix 1 - Public submissions (PDF 89KB)
Appendix 2 - Public hearings and witnesses (PDF 61KB)
Appendix 3 - Example of pro forma submission questions  (PDF 5KB)
Appendix 4 - Additional information and answers questions taken on notice (PDF 71KB)

Committee Secretariat contact:

Committee Secretary
Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Phone: +61 2 6277 3560
Fax: +61 2 6277 5794

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About this inquiry

Exposure draft of the Medical Services (Dying with Dignity) Bill 2014, with particular reference to the rights of terminally ill people to seek assistance in ending their lives, and an appropriate framework and safeguards with which to do so.

Past Public Hearings

15 Oct 2014: Melbourne, VIC
03 Oct 2014: Canberra, ACT

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