Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings(Joint Statutory)

Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings
(Joint Statutory)

1 July 2008 to 31 December 2008


Pursuant to Parliamentary Proceedings Broadcasting Act 1946.

Current members

The President (Senator the Hon J Hogg) (Vice Chair from 25.11.08), the Speaker (Mr H Jenkins MP) (Chair from 25.11.08), and Senators O’Brien and Parry and Mr Hale MP, The Hon D Hawker MP, Mr Hayes MP, The Hon P Lindsay MP and The Hon R Price MP

Former members

Senator the Hon A Ferguson (from 26.08.08) and Senator Cormann (from 25.09.08)


Ms Claressa Surtees

(02) 6277 4888

(02) 6277 4204

Reports presented

1 July 2008–31 December 2008


1 July 2008–31 December 2008

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