Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (Joint)

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (Joint)

1 January 2013 to 30 June 2013


Pursuant to Resolution of the House of Representatives of 29 September 2010 and agreed to by the Senate on 30 September 2010.

Current members

The Hon J Fitzgibbon MP (Chair, from 14/5/13) Mrs Gash MP (Deputy Chair), and Senators Bishop, Fawcett, Furner, Hanson-Young, the Hon D Johnston, Ludlam, the Hon I Macdonald, McEwen, Moore, Parry, Payne and the Hon U Stephens, and the Hon D Adams MP, the Hon J Bishop MP, Ms Brodtmann MP, the Hon A Byrne MP, Mr Champion MP, the Hon L Ferguson MP, the Hon J Fitzgibbon MP, the Hon A Griffin MP, Mr Jenkins MP, Dr Jensen MP, the Hon R Marles MP, Mrs Mirabella MP, the Hon J Murphy MP, Mr O'Dowd MP, Mr Robert MP, the Hon P Ruddock MP, Ms Saffin MP, the Hon B Scott MP, the Hon Mr P Slipper MP, the Hon Dr Stone MP and Ms Vamvakinou MP

Former members

Senator Forshaw (Chair) (to 30/6/11); Hon M Danby MP (Chair) (from 6/7/11 to 14/5/13);

Mr Georganas MP, Mr Gibbons MP, the Hon R McClelland MP, Hon M Parke MP and Senators the Hon J Faulkner, the Hon A Ferguson, O’Brien, Trood


Mr Jerome Brown Phone: (02) 6277 4629

Current inquiries
1 January 2013–30 June 2013

Inquiry into Australia’s relationship with Timor-Leste

Inquiry into the African Development Bank Bill 2013

Reports presented
1 January 2013–30 June 2013

Australia's trade and investment relationship with Japan and the Republic of Korea (Tabled 3 June 2013)

Care of ADF Personnel Wounded and Injured on Operations (Tabled 24 June 2013)

Trading Lives: Modern Day Human Trafficking [Slavery, Slavery-like conditions and People Trafficking] (Tabled 24 June 2013)

Report of the Delegation to Timor-Leste and Indonesia (Tabled 24 June 2013)

Review of the Defence Annual Report 2011-2012 (Tabled 27 June 2013)

Government responses
1 January 2013–30 June 2013

Australia’s Overseas Representation (3 June 2013)

Australia’s Human Rights Dialogues with China and Vietnam (20 June 2013)

Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 (25 February 2013)

1 January 2013–30 June 2013

Private: 39
Public Hearings: 19
Briefings: 21
Inspections: 2
Total: 49*

* Private and briefings meetings and private and public meetings are often combined

Secretaries of Sub-Committees

Dr John Carter (Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee)

(02) 6277 4306

Ms Julia Searle (Trade Sub-Committee)

(02) 6277 4586

Mr Jerome Brown (Defence Sub-Committee)

(02) 6277 4629

Mr Paul Zinkel (Human Rights Sub-Committee)

(02) 6277 4628

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