Interim Report

October 2022

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ISBN: 978-1-76093-428-6

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List of Recommendations

Executive Summary

  The need for reform
  Action Now: some immediate recommendations

Chapter 1—Introduction

  Conduct of the inquiry
  The work of the committee
  Report structure
  Work and care
  Outcomes of the Jobs and Skills Summit
  Other relevant inquiries

Chapter 2—Current work and care settings in Australia

  Parents who care for children
  Combining care with work
  The impact of care hours on workforce participation
  The gender divide in work and care
  Early Childhood Education and Care
  Other issues around work and care settings

Chapter 3—Balancing work and care in the paid care system

  Care and support workforce issues
  Inadequacy of wages in the care economy
  Early Childhood Education and Care
  Issues with the Australian ECEC framework
  Improving the ECEC framework

Chapter 4—Income support system around work and care

  Supports available to carers
  Carer payments
  Paid Parental Leave
  Child Care Subsidy
  Other support payments
  Linking programs and services
  The inadequacy of income support for working carers

Chapter 5—Workplace relations and the legal system

  Workplace relations framework
  Personal and carer’s leave
  Inadequacies in personal leave entitlements
  Paid parental leave
  Shortcomings of the parental leave system
  Flexible work arrangements
  The lack of flexibility in ‘flexible work arrangements’
  Protection from discrimination

Chapter 6—Immediate issues and recommendations, and committee views

  Lifting the floor of wages across the care economy
  The right to request flexibility
  The right to disconnect
  Roster justice
  Leave entitlements
  Early Childhood Education and Care
  Ongoing work of the committee
  The need for reform

Additional Comments - Coalition Senators

Appendix 1—Submissions

Appendix 2—Public hearings

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