Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

  1. The application of regulatory governance and economic impact of wind turbines, with particular reference to:

    1. the effect on household power prices, particularly households which receive no benefit from rooftop solar panels, and the merits of consumer subsidies for operators;
    2. how effective the Clean Energy Regulator is in performing its legislative responsibilities and whether there is a need to broaden those responsibilities;
    3. the role and capacity of the National Health and Medical Research Council in providing guidance to state and territory authorities;
    4. the implementation of planning processes in relation to wind farms, including the level of information available to prospective wind farm hosts;
    5. the adequacy of monitoring and compliance governance of wind farms;
    6. the application and integrity of national wind farm guidelines;
    7. the effect that wind towers have on fauna and aerial operations around turbines, including firefighting and crop management;
    8. the energy and emission input and output equations from whole-of-life operation of wind turbines; and
    9. any related matter.

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